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Choose from these expert hair services to achieve your beauty goals!

Choice of Services


Weaves or extensions are some of our most popular services at Texture Hair Salon. Clients may choose long flowing styles or those that are short and sassy. It is important to remember that pricing here does not include the hair products. You have the option of bringing your own or purchasing from us. Premium and standard hair selections are available by the package. The cost will vary and increase for longer lengths.

It is possible to have your hair selection colored up to 10 levels. You can enjoy this hair and closures for natural looks at lengths of 10-22 inches.

  • Hair Choices – Brazilian Remy, Indian Remy, Chinese Remy, Closure & Lace Wigs, Full Weaves (8 oz. of hair/2 pkgs.), Partial Weaves (4 oz. of hair/1 pkg.).
  • Clip-In Weaves – Accommodates color, length and texture desires; easy to use and style.
  • Hair Fusion – Strand-by-Strand approach used to add fullness, color and length; applied with pre-dipped keratin tips and does not require weaving, braiding, adhesives or chemicals.
  • Custom Weaves – Result in the natural look and feel that you want; performed without braiding or sewing and does not produce additional pull or tug on your hair.
  • Sew-In Weaves – Looks achieved by braiding all hair except around the perimeter and the top of hairline; can be worn in either a ponytail or with a parted look.
  • Full Head Weaves – Natural hair is braided and weaved hair is sown atop a net which covers the braids; offers solution to give your hair a break from chemicals and heat.
  • Sewn per Track – Technique weaves hair into individual rows where they are needed; each row requires one weft but additional ones may be used to achieve fullness.

Along with your choice of hair types there are also different textures, as well. You can select from straight, wavy and curly hair products. These are supplied at Textures and are available for the individual services that you choose. It is possible to have weave styles tailored to your desire. Our other services are vast and specialized.

We specialize in trendy and traditional hair styles that are being worn today. These are chic examples like 233 cuts and bold color highlights. It doesn’t matter whether you’re experimenting with styles or trying something new. Our stylists can assist you with completing your look. Textures Hair Salon will also help you prepare for special occasions, such as Weddings, Proms and others.

Wigs – It is possible for clients to purchase a traditional lace front wig product from us. We also specialize in custom-made wigs that are perfectly measured and tailored for your head.

Braids – You can schedule to have a variety of braid styles done at Textures. These braids include micros, pixies, box options, as well as, flat, kinky, half, Senegalese Twists and Nubian Twists and cornrows.

Natural Hair – There are many different options for clients interested in natural hair styles. Designer Cornrows, Two-Strand and Gel Twists, Twist-Outs, as well as, Rod Sets and Silk Press services.

Chemical Options – Traditional chemical services are popular and performed with top products. You may choose from Relaxers (Virgin/Touch Up), Wave by Design, Highlights and Permanent/Semi-Permanent Color (without style).

Other Services

We provide our clients with efficient services that fit into their schedules. It is possible to book an appointment for a Wash & Style or a Press & Curl service. Along with these, Roller Wraps and Express Washes are available.

BOOK your next service with us at 301-990-4820 or by using our online salon appointment system.

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